A butterfly release at a Celebration of Life or Memorial Service is a touching way to honour the memory of a loved one.
It provides family and friends with a beautifully unique way to express their good-byes.

With closed eyes, I see you among the flowers,
High above the clouds.
Your presence blows through me with the breeze.
Your smile beams down on through the sun.
The full moon brings the light of your laughter to my mind.
And the Butterfly in all its splendor reminds me
Of your beauty and freedom now.
Leaving your love for me lingering in my world.

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how meaningful it was to me and my friends to be able to release the butterflies into Irene’s garden. She was a person that marvelled at God’s creation, so I know that she would have enjoyed this moment so much. Each of us felt the significance and it was very healing in our grief. Many, many thanks. The butterflies behaved as expected, despite the very cold day.”

“Thank you again for the beautiful Monarch butterflies. The release was meaningful and beautiful. It was a moving and significant tribute to my beautiful Mum.”

***DEPOSIT/REFUND POLICY: All butterfly orders require a 50% deposit at time of ordering with the balance due minimum 2 days prior to delivery. Orders may be cancelled up to 10 days before pick up or delivery, however the deposit is non-refundable. If the weather conditions are unsuitable for a release FlutterBuys cannot be held responsible. We do not refund orders if weather is unsuitable for the release. If there are any concerns regarding the condition of your butterflies, Please contact FlutterBuys immediately.

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