The Butterfly Release

Butterflies are shipped in a cooler with ice packs to keep the butterflies dormant. When it comes time to release the butterflies, the box of butterflies should be removed from the cooler about an hour prior to release time. This will give the butterflies time to warm up and be ready to fly when the boxes are opened.

Butterflies should be released on a warm, dry day, at least two hours prior to sunset. The temperature must be above 16c and not raining. The butterflies can be released from individual boxes or larger boxes containing up to 30 butterflies per box. We recommend individual boxes for most events, the butterflies release better and guests enjoy being involved in the release.

FlutterBuys cannot guarantee the weather at your event.
The air temperature should exceed 16 degrees and not be raining.


*Please note: Monarch butterflies as seen in this video are no longer available.

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